Your body is a work of art that deserves to get back as much as it gives. When you live from a healed and rejuvenated body, you can reclaim joy and strength to engage with your loved ones and live life on your terms. 

However, the mosaic pieces can often become weathered, and restoration becomes necessary to restore wholeness. Similarly, that’s how Body Mosaic helps those we serve. 

Like the tiles in a mosaic, each part of your body, from your cells to your muscles to your physical design, are individual components that work together in complex harmony.

Discover Body Mosaic-
A Massage & Bodywork Studio in Dunedin, Florida

Restore from Today, and Be Ready for Tomorrow.

Body Mosaic’s mission is to provide a present, supportive, and reliable service that helps you reimagine your body and redefine living.

By intentionally choosing you, you give the best version of yourself to others.

Massage and Bodywork are most effective when part of a continuous and comprehensive wellness plan. It can also be a beneficial immediate solution to restore comfort and mobility. 

A reset body restores your soul.

At Body Mosaic, we believe:

I look forward to connecting with you.

Outside of my client work, I am “mom” to two teen sons who are the joy of my life! We enjoy staying active with camping, kayaking, scuba, skiing, and snowboarding adventures. Moments of togetherness with family are true gifts.

Like the "Mosaic" of Body Mosaic I am colorful and multi-passionate. I love learning, so at any given time, I'm usually enrolled in some class or workshop. Birdwatching may be my total focus one week, and essential oil DIY projects or batch cooking may have all my attention the next week. Exploring the world through learning lights up my mind and feeds my soul. 

From the time I first obtained my massage license in my home state of New York in 1996, I committed myself to providing a safe space for my clients to enter my doors exactly as they are and find support. 

After moving to Florida in 2002, I opened Body Mosaic. My mission is to serve people in a place free from judgment and validate them where they are- freeing them to go down a journey, with me as their guide, to a place that serves them better. I want to restore people to experience their bodies better and feel better about who they are and what they can do. Massage and bodywork are unique tools in their multi-layered benefits—physical, systemic, holistic, mental, and emotional. When the whole person is the focus of treatment, every aspect of their lives can elevate. 

Hello! I’m Jamie. Welcome to Body Mosaic.

Body Mosaic Founder, Mom, Nature & DIY Lover

Meet Jamie Fisher, LMT, CST, MLD-C

I want to learn all about the parts of life that make you feel alive. Whether you come for healing, restoration, solitude, or relief, let’s get you on the path to your best life. 

Walking your dog each morning? 

Playing with your kids?

Feeling energized to perform your job at the highest level?

Getting a good sweat at the gym?

Ending the day comfortably in your skin?

Walking your dog each morning? 
Playing with your kids?
Feeling energized to perform your job at the highest level?
Getting a good sweat at the gym?
Ending the day comfortably in your skin?

So, what makes you know you’re living? 

A lifelong learner, I will soon add certifications as an Aromatherapist and Emotioncode Practitioner.

Credentials in Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, and Arvigo® Abdominal Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapist with training from 
the rigorous and sought-after NY Institute of Massage program

My Experience

-Margee N.

“Magic hands- that’s what Jamie has. I have tried different massage therapists over the years…she can work knots out of my back without causing me pain. She has so many techniques from all of her extensive training that I am simply in heaven on her table.”

-Kymberly M.

“I’ve been going to Jamie for years, and she is the absolute best out there- really friendly, knowledgable, and works on resolving your specific issues instead of giving a basic relaxation massage (but she’s still very relaxing!). Body Mosaic is the place to go!”

-Michelle H.

“I received a raindrop technique and felt awesome. I highly recommend Body Mosaic and look forward to trying other therapy treatments!”

What Our Clients Say About Us

We kindly ask for a 48-hour notice, so we may schedule another client needing an appointment space. We understand that illness and other extenuating circumstances sometimes arise unexpectedly, but we require at least a 24-hour notice to refund your deposit. 

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

You may use cash, check, Venmo, credit card, or an HSA/FSA card for services rendered.

What types of payment do you accept?

Our studio is located at 1130 Pinehurst Rd. in Dunedin, Florida. Our clients come to see us from all over the Tampa Bay area. 

Where are you located? 

Our regular hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. We also offer limited weekend availability. 

What hours are you open?

You can conveniently book a service online or call us at (727) 688-5789 to schedule your appointment.

How do I book a massage or bodywork service?

At Body Mosaic, we strive to give you the best massage experience possible. This FAQ is intended to provide you with answers people commonly ask. If you have a question you don’t see answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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